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NSL LED Step Star Step Light

Click to email for more information.NSL LED Step Star Step Light

Self-contained, complete die cast aluminum recessed 120VAC step light, wall light or ceiling recessed fixture.
Step Lights are 7 1/2" x 4".

LST LED Step Star Step Light from $109.95
Uses only 5.2 watts. Can be parallel wired ("daisy chained") up to 150 fixtures per circuit.

XSL Xenon Step Light $59.95
Uses only 18 watts. Can be parallel wired ("daisy chained") up to 66 fixtures per 15A tap.
NSL Xenon Step Lights >

Louver, Prism or Scoop Cover
White, Bronze, Black or Aluminum finish.

Indoor or Outdoor.
Rated for Wet Location, Insulation Contact, Wall or Ceiling, Showers, Poured Concrete.

Above: NSL LED Step Star Step Light with Prism
Below: NSL LED Step Star Step Light with Louver

Click to email for more information.NSL LED Step Light - LED Step Star

Die cast aluminum wall mount LED step light fixture of only 5.2 watts. 72% energy savings vs. Xenon/Halogen technologies. Replaceable 120VDC LED Module included. Dimmable. 120VAC input and output of fixture up to 150 fixtures per 15A tap. UL listed Wet Location for all interior and exterior wall, ceiling and concrete pour applications. Offered in three cover styles and four fixture finishes.


  • Step walls
  • Interior steps
  • Exterior steps
  • Aisles
  • Halls
  • Paths
  • Patio lighting
  • Entry lighting
  • Post lighting
  • Ceilings
  • Showers


  • 120V Power Input
  • Low 5.2 watts per fixture energy usage
  • Up to 150 fixtures per 120VAC tap
  • Dimmable
  • 120VDC replaceable LED Module
  • No integral LED Driver required
  • 120V push-in connectors included for ease of power input
  • Each fixture ships complete with can and cover
  • Die cast aluminum can and cover; suitable for concrete pour
  • 3 cover designs: Louber, Prism and Scoop
  • 4 cover color options: White, Bronze, Black or Aluminum

Suitable for:

  • Wet locations
  • Insulation contact
  • Wall and ceiling mount
  • Showers
  • Use in poured concrete

LED Step Star Step Light Click to email for more information.Cover Color Options: WH=White,   BK=Black,   BZ=Bronze,   AL=Aluminum
Fixture Type: L = Louver Cover , S = Scoop Cover, P = Prism Cover
LST-L-WH-WH WH=White, L = Louver Cover $109.95
LST-L-WH-BK BK=Black,   L = Louver Cover $109.95
LST-L-WH-BZ BZ=Bronze,   L = Louver Cover $109.95
LST-L-WH-AL AL=Aluminum, L = Louver Cover $109.95
LST-S-WH-WH WH=White, S = Scoop Cover $109.95
LST-S-WH-BK BK=Black,   S = Scoop Cover $109.95
LST-S-WH-BZ BZ=Bronze,   S = Scoop Cover $109.95
LST-S-WH-AL AL=Aluminum, S = Scoop Cover $109.95
LST-P-WH-WH WH=White, P = Prism Cover $109.95
LST-P-WH-BK BK=Black,   P = Prism Cover $109.95
LST-P-WH-BZ BZ=Bronze,   P = Prism Cover $109.95
LST-P-WH-AL AL=Aluminum, P = Prism Cover $109.95
LED Step Star Accessories
LEDMOD-32-FF 120VDC Replacement LED Module $29.95


Step Light Concrete Cap

Required for all concrete pour and brick wall applications

  LMSII-001 Terminal Block Connector & Junction Box $3.95


Assembly Schematic


Voltage 120VAC
Fixture Energy Rating 120VAC, 43mA, 5.2 watts
LED Module Life Replaceable 120VDC LED Module rated at 40,000 hours
LED Color Temperature 3100K +/- 200K
Cover Finish White, Bronze, aluminum, black
Can Finish White with aluminum Reflector
Construction Both cover and can are die cast aluminum for corrosion protection, strength, weight and consistency of finish.
Lens Frosted tempered glass
Wiring Options 120V can be parallel wired ("daisy chained") up to 150 Fixtures per tap. Check local code and NEC for wiring selectiont.
Dimming Dimmable with standard 120VAC dimmer. See instructions for details.
Agency Approval UL listed Wet Location for all interior and exterior Wall, ceiling, and concrete pour Applications.
Warranty Two years.

LED Step Light Photometrics

LED Step Star (Model no. LST-P-WH-WH)
Lumens = 73.5 | Watts = 5.2

Lower Wall Mount Application

Fixture center 9" above floor
Grid Location: A A1 A2 B B1 B2 C C1 C2 D D1 D2
Illuminance in Footcandles: 0 0 0 6.51 2.54 0.53 2.11 1.38 0.56 0.79 0.63 0.36

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